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Bugbrooke Community Lottery. Be in it to win it while also raising money for the Bugbrooke Community.

Our Story:

How we got here

After watching the film Pay it forward, Chris Carter came up with the idea that our community, could use a similar philosophy. We could work together and help each other. She found four other likeminded people and the Bugbrooke Community Lottery was formed.

Join, win and raise money!

The Idea

The Bugbrooke Community Lottery is non-profit making. It is formed purely to raise money to support the people of Bugbrooke and good causes running in the village.

A lottery draw will be held each month. The aim is to give 50% of all lottery chances to win sold in that month in three monetary prizes. The remaining 50% of the lottery income will be returned to the community over the year after minimal running costs are deducted.

By simply participating in your local lottery, you will be helping the Bugbrooke community - and you could be a winner too!

Why Support us

In supporting the lottery you are helping others in our community. With us raising funds to allow contributions to be made for:

* Education grants to help students.

* Carer’s that may need support

* Individuals or families suffering hardship

* End of life dreams

* Any non-profit local organisation can also apply for a grant to support or expand their activities.

This website offers a page where you can apply for a grant, for yourself or anyone else you think worthy. You can also nominate a villager who has benefited the village, or shown real kindness, for a ‘thank you’ award. An independent panel reviews all grant applications to ensure your contributions really do make a difference to those who need it the most.

Caring is at the heart of this fund.

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